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SNOW+ Pet Water Fountain

SNOW+ Pet Water Fountain

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Long-lasting & Continuous Hydration

The SNOW+ Cat Water Fountain is built to provide reliable and long-lasting performance. Our fountain has been rigorously tested and can operate continuously for an impressive duration of up to 900 days without interruption. This ensures that your feline friend will always have access to fresh and flowing water, promoting their hydration and overall well-being.

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Changing Filter Monthly for Healthier Hydration

Make sure to give the SNOW+ Cat Water Fountain's filter a proper soak before use! The filter needs to be soaked at least twice for 5 minutes each time. One little pack of filter can keep your pet's healthy hydration for a whole month. You'll also get a reminder from the PetSnowy App when it's time to give the filter a swap.

  • Anti-Bite Cable

    With its anti-bite cable, the water fountain is designed to withstand your pet's chewing tendencies and ensure the cable remains intact.

  • Minimum Water Line

    An in-app notification will be sent when the water line reaches its minimum level, allowing you to promptly refill the pet water fountain for your furry companion.

  • Slip-proof Base

    SNOW+ cat water fountain includes a slip-proof base, ensuring stability and preventing accidental tipping.

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